The Heroes of Defiance Edit

They are those of great power and potential in the Chaos Age, and those who are not in the DM's control. Each of them are very different, but have begun to work together to make this world a better place.

Why the heroes have been drawn together is an interesting has been revealed that each one of them possesses a soul of Valthimitos Aerym, the "Soul of the Greatest Failure."

Valekt Marudis Edit

A Nagarothian 2nd rank elite who defected from the army. A warforged warden who posesses a deep burning hatred for Adris. Valekt now possesses a fragment of Sinae Besreth's soul.

Whittlebrush Shinypants Edit

A cheerful halfling who lived in the great city of Mythoris, studying the ways of the warlock, he is a great force to be reckoned with. Possesses the smallest fragment of the Soul...and is thus the reason why Anatharos refers to Whittlebrush as the "Wild Card." Whittlebrush now possesses a fragment of Hawk Berrith and Gizznot Falentrall's souls.

Kael'Latisse Edit

A Seraphesian dragonborn who desires the death of the Grand Kaiser... Kael now possesses a fragment of Arauj Varius's soul.

Ghelron Io Lightbeard Edit

A dwarven paladin of the Worldforger of Good, Kiravos from Graazaval and more recently, a warrior for The Uncorruptable, eleven years ago he lost his memory and was re-raised by the clergy of Eyedoquil. After a vicious battle in the Ravagewind, Ghelron succumbed his injuries. Ghelron now possesses a fragment of Raven Berrith's soul.

Deimas Shadowkin Edit

A shadar-kai invoker dedicated to Narganal. She was part of the Nagarothian strike force, however due to the actions of Adris, she deserted. She wants to see Adris Ereshkis dead. Deimas now possesses a fragment of Chevin Isetth's soul.

Sonata Virtuosi Edit

A human cleric dedicated to Raithos. Not much is known about this somewhat absent-minded cleric. Sonata now possesses a fragment of Lia Lightleaf's soul.

Brave Companions Edit

Some of the more active allies towards the Heroes are the companions that they have allied themselves with...

Sophia Veil Edit

A strange half-drow from the Fey Realm of Ly'dihael...

Draev Callech Edit

Cleric of Raithos from the Nomad's Era. Draev was trapped in the Scepter of Coveldis yet somehow managed to escape, it is unknown how exactly this was managed.

Heroes of the Past Edit

This catalogs heros who are no longer adventuring with the group for one reason or another and is where to look as the frontpage will no longer hold those particular people, regardless they still deserve honorable mention in the archives...

Arauj Varius Edit

A dragonborn warlord raised in Seraphis. Very proud of his draconic heritage. Promoted to Lieutenant during his final battle...Died at the Battle of the Bastion fighting the Conqueror General...

Chant Hope Edit

A tiefling cleric of the god of healing and life, Parathis; has a troubled past and was born in Nagaroth. Recently left the party to train under the Holy longer referred to as Chant.

Lia Lightleaf Edit

An elven ranger who up until recently lived in the capital city of Orellaethia. One of many daughters of the former ruler of Kathelet, the Dynast-Lord Varcticos Noorstrumn XXXIV. Due to all the traumatic experiences, She left the party and presumably Ariunis...

Chevin Isetth Edit

A callous tiefling warlock of the infernal pact. Little is known about him aside from the fact that he is in pursuit of greater power. Left for the pursuit of greater power...whether he found it or not is unknown...

Hawk Berrith Edit

Brother to Chant Hope, a tiefling bard. Considers his place in the group temporary until his brother gets back...

Nameless Edit

Formerly Chant Hope, Nameless is now on a new journey...drowned in the Crypt of the Dread Sun.

Sinae Besreth Edit

A wizard and master of disguise hailing from Kathelet, he was originally intensely searching for an organization known as the Blood Hand in order to exact his revenge, however, due to recent circumstances, his priorities have shifted towards the Majestic One, Zhoten.

Gizznot Falentrall Edit

A quirky gnome Artificer apprenticing under Tyralis...will be going with the heroes in order to acquire some field training.

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