Welcome to the Chaos Age: Date 4/5/1249Edit

Welcome to the Chaos Age, a 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting created by the creator of this wiki.

Author's Note: Only those I designate are permitted to edit the pages within, this is nothing personal, I just cannot risk having the effort we've done be altered.

What is the Chaos Age?Edit

The Chaos Age represents a time of great turmoil for the lands of Ariunis within the great world of Valdromyth. It is the name of the campaign setting and of this website because all games within this setting will be impacted by this age. There are currently two campaigns taking place within this setting, known simply as Union and Wrath.

Union details the hurdles of trying to unite a once glorious kingdom from the remains, that which now exists is five nations on unsteady terms with eachother.

Freedom is a direct sequel to Union and shows the trials for the heroes that now exist after the events in Union.

Wrath currently details a group of soldiers destined to conquer the capital city of Mythoris. And the adventures which entail soon after that...

There is also another sequel campaign that is currently in the works and will not be actually played for (by the DM/creator's guess) a year and a half.
Should be noted that this campaign depends entirely on the actions of the Union will also likely be run in a very different way than ever done before as such, all that time is being put to good use to prepare for this sequel game...

The Worldforge: Geography and the PlanesEdit

Mortal Planes: The CoreEdit

Other Planar Realms

Planar Phenomena: The Unknown

Eternal Wisdom: The Gods, Religion and other beings of powerEdit

The Nations, the Eras and HistoryEdit

Legendary Figures of the PastEdit



See also Organizations

  • The Greystars
  • The Blood Hand


The Great ChronicleEdit

The HeroesEdit

The First Book of Light: UnionEdit

The Second Book of Light: FreedomEdit

The Anti-heroesEdit

The First Book of Darkness: WrathEdit

Other/Out of Game InfoEdit

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