The Anathemes Edit

The current anti-heroes are all part of the Nagarothian army...

Jenerik Orknumawon Edit

Half-orc Rouge that works hard and plays harder.

D of the Unborn Edit

A human with some...interesting traits...

Zenos Noorstumn-Adistius Edit

An eladrin warlord from Kathelet...

Canti Newell Edit

The Anti-Heroes of the Past Edit

Vulture Berrith Edit

A tiefling sorcerer, and brother to Chant Hope. Tactical mastermind of group. Killed at Niitis on the way to Mythoris.

Najara Lucius Edit

Red Dragonborn Warlord, going to be replaced within the Anti-Heroes at player's request.

Thorn Soothespeak Edit

A strange razorclaw shifter shaman, little was known about him. Unfortunately, he died painfully at the hands of the warriors of Eali.

Talius Cardlas Edit

A revenant artificer...

Shaderska Nightwing Edit

Black Dragon(born) Fighter that judges respect by strength.

Deacon Struction Edit

A Warforged Paladin of Atamosk with a very different look compared to all other warforged witnessed in Ariunis.

Graegor Maethundar Edit

A dwarven fighter from Northern Nagaroth, is fairly unaware of the full extent of the Nagarothian Conquest, but is regardless supportive of Nagaroth going to war.

Kithri Edit

An energetic halfling bard. Originally a Nagarothian soldier who ascended to the ranks of the strike team because no other healers were in the vicinity.

Varius IsiethEdit

A human fighter who seems very determined on burning Orellaethia to the ground.

Deimas Shadowkin Edit

A Shadar-Kai Invoker of Narganal. Formerly childish, she now strives for the death of Adris.

Aesik Edit

A gladiator of unknown origin.

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